I have been unfairly fortunate in my life with respect to traveling: I was born into a life of travel and later in life married a fellow traveler.  I grew up in Hawaii and Europe then returned to Hawaii to pursue a degree in marine biology, eventually meeting my amazing wife there.  After college I spent time working in Egypt before going off to graduate school in Alaska.  From there I made a quick work stop in New Guinea before relocating to Seattle for nearly a decade.  My wife's work then took us (and our two young boys at the time) to Kenya for two years before returning to Washington State .   Throughout it all- we have traveled- to over 60 countries at this point.  I picked a camera before moving to Egypt in my early 20's and fell in love with photography.  In particular, wildlife photography. I'm self taught- and more often than not I have absolutely no idea what I am doing or why, but miraculously, I seem to be able to turn out a good photo every now and then.  I hope you enjoy some of the wildlife i've captured over the years- with my dusty lens.